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Wild Boar

There are 2 different ways to hunt Wild Boar in Turkey. 

For the individual trophy hunter we can organize evening and night hunts, where you will sit and wait for the big males to come in on the feeding spots.

We will use night vision scopes to be able to locate and shoot the boars during the night. you can expect to shoot an average of 1 Wild Boar trophy tusker per night.

For groups of 8 to 12 rifles, we can organize driven hunts for Wild Boar in mountain regions.

We will organize 3 or 4 different beats per hunting day. Driven hunts can always be combined with individual trophy hunts at night.

As most of the hunting areas for Wild Boar are situated in the Coastal region, a combination with a family holiday at the Turkish Riviera is possible.

During the day you can enjoy the company of your family in one of the prestigious Holiday resorts at the Turkish Riviera and at night you can sit and wait for big trophy Wild Boars.